Is this the leadership the Ethereum community needs right now?

You would hope and expect true leaders to step up in difficult times and fight bad discourse with good discourse. Unfortunately, instead of attempting to quell the fire, Mr. Hudson Jameson, a leader in the Ethereum Foundation, is poring gasoline:

Today, in a tweet firestorm, he is expressing that he is "so angry and disappointed in the Ethereum community," and that community members were concerned about Mr. Schoedon for "the dumbest of reasons":,

and calling concerned grass-root members for "trolls":

There is whole host of tweets from Mr. Jameson attacking the community. One I find particularly damaging is a GIF of a man coming back from a 10 day internet break (assumingly Mr. Schoedon) only to find the house is on fire and everyone beating up on everyone else (assumingly the Ethereum community). Mr. Jameson is now using his twitter as an attack vector against the grass-roots Ethereum community. I'd say, if anything, considering the present situation, Mr. Jameson's tweets are worse and more inflammatory than Mr. Schoedon's tweets.

I don't think Mr. Jameson, as a spokesman for the Ethereum Foundation, has handled this very well. He is letting emotion getting the best of him and blaming the community for a situation that he, as a lead developer, coordinator and EF spokesperson, had ample time to solve this situation or at least mitigate the fallout a long time ago.

Venture capitalist Fred Wilson, was an early investor in Ethereum and very positive about its prospect until a year ago (around the time Vitalik withdrew somewhat). However, he turned sour on his investment stating that Ethereum's future was being obstructed by lackidasical organization and that there were something seriously lacking in the culture and professional fit of the EF:

This is not my opinion and understanding, but Mr. Hudson Jameson is unfortunately doing his best prove him right.

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